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Welcome to the Knowledge Bed - An online repository for articles and research.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive index of articles and research on a variety of both academic and non-academic topics and subjects.

To navigate our index, simply click on one of the categories on the left side of the page.

Knowledge Bed - Article Submission Repository

We also are happy to announce that we are now take only free article submissions. You can very easily get one of your own articles published to the Knowledge Bed index by simply submitting and passing our editorial screen.

Read about our submission guidelines here.'s fantastic!

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    September 2008
    We have a new system that allows us to more quickly post articles. Soooo.....keep the articles coming! Also, we've added a most recent submissions on the front page.

    August 2008
    Our parent company has completed a site redesign.

    August 2007

    Our forums have recently been attacked by hackers. We have updated our software to stop the vandals. As an online knowledge repository, we encourage you to take the time to educate yourselfs on phishing scams.

    October 2007

    Knowledge Bed redesign complete.
    Now taking FREE submissions!